Jr Kindergarten Objectives (5 Year Olds)

(In addition to Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten Objectives)

Names primary and secondary colors

Begins to recognize lower case letters

Correctly uses a pencil

Gives rhyming words

Names beginning consonant sounds and short vowel sounds

Begins to learn the months, year and season

Count and recognize numbers up to 31 

Introduce groupings by 10

Tell a simple story

Pre-Kindergarten Objectives (4 Year Olds)

     (In addition to Preschool objectives)

Recognition of upper case letters

Recognition of numbers 0-10

Begin to correctly cut shapes with scissors

Throw and catch a ball

Bounce a ball to a friend

Grouping and Sequencing

Beginning to learn the days of the week

Print first name in upper and lower case letters

Print all upper case letters

Learn to Pray

​Develop the ability to speak in front of a group

Preschool Objectives (2 1/2-3 Year Olds)

Learn about Jesus our Savior

Develop Vocabulary

Develop large and fine motor skills

Develop creative abilities

Develop social skills

Learn to share

Learn to take turns

Learn to sit and focus at circle time

Recognize colors

Messiah Lutheran Early Learning Center provides a quality program of Christian education for children age 2 years and 6 months through Jr Kindergarten (age 6).  Preschool 2 days per week, Pre-Kindergarten 3 days per week, and Jr Kindergarten 5 days per week.

​Our preschool program is designed to allow children many opportunities to learn about the world around them.  Special emphasis is placed on Biblical learning, socialization, and learning through actual experience.  Part of the child's time in school is spent in free choice activities.  These may vary from day to day or week to week, but will include:

                 Dramatic Play

                 Book corner

                 Block center

                 Manipulative toys and games


                 Sensory development



Messiah Lutheran Early Learning Center