Messiah Lutheran Early Learning Center

Junior Kindergarten

Jr.K kids come 5 mornings a week which allows more time to spend on all curricular areas.  We offer ZooPhonics an active, alphabet/sound curriculum which is enhanced by great literature and ryhming.  It also includes an introduction to how letters are written.
We attend music 2x a week as well as sing at retirement places 2x a year.  Music is taught by our Music Director Audrey Herrmann.
We love to count and write our numerals. We also focus on graphing, patterning, sorting, grouping, counting on from a group of ten, and story problems.
We cover a wide variety of themes from dinosaurs to penguins to pumpkins to magnets throughout the year and are able to incoporate art, literature, math, and science into our themes.
Most importantly is our Jesus Time when we learn about love, forgiveness, and our salvation through Jesus Christ.  We incorporate art, singing and active memory verse learning for our each Bible story.  Chapel is on Wednesdays.
We have fun everyday and much learning goes on both in and out of our classroom!