Messiah Lutheran Early Learning Center

Kirsten Danile, Director

Dora Busch, 3's Teacher​

Donna Aigner, 4's Teacher

​Paula Meyer, Jr Kindergarten

​Audrey Partipilo, Music Director

Rev Ron Reiger, Pastor

Our Staff

The Mission of Messiah Lutheran Early Learning Center is: To proclaim God's grace, to touch lives with Christ's redeeming love, to empower children with learning skills for the development of moral character and spiritual gifts.

​The purpose of Messiah Lutheran Early Learning Center is to:
  • Provide a Christian learning experience for young children.
  • Help Christian parents bring their children to Jesus so they may better know His love and example.
  • Provide an environment where each child can grow spiritually, socially, emotionally, physically, and academically.
  • Help each child develop behavior patterns based on self-control and a desire to share love to others
  • Acquaint children with school life, routines, and responsibilities. 

Our Purpose